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I lost my baby weight I put on around three stone after the birth of my second son and really wanted to just get back to my old self. Obesimed helped me to take control of my eating and I was no longer eating all of my older sons leftovers and treats. I lost all of my baby weight in just four months.
Make a change After years of doing different diets, denying myself different foods and still not managing to maintain my weight loss I decided that it was time to try taking a different approach. I had always avoided taking diet pills before, so I was a bit anxious about trying them. However, I liked the fact tha...
My perfect wedding I wanted to lose some weight so that I could fit into my perfect wedding dress and look fab on my big day. I thought it would be easy and all I’d have to do is cut down on my snacking...but no!!! So I decided to try Obesimed, it was fantastic. Stopped me from snacking as I felt fuller and the ...
Really helped me shift the weight I was always pretty skinny when I was younger, but as I got older I seemed to keep gaining weight. It never really bothered me much until I noticed that just walking upstairs was starting to be more difficult. That’s when I decided it was time to lose some weight. One of my friends recommended...
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Contributes to a balanced diet

No drugs, no fat binders with side effects, just a clinically proven SAFE pure fibre capsule that is neutral and reduces your craving for hunger.

Obesimed contains Omtec19, a highly purified soluble fibre that absorbs up to 50 times its own weight in water.

Omtec19 is made from natural plant fibres. It does not affect the body's metabolism, but helps you feel full - naturally - helping you to reduce your portion sizes, while your body learns to expect smaller portions.

Clinical studies have shown that Omtec19 can also help reduce cholesterol, triglyceride and blood glucose levels.

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How does diet pill work?

A health issue: how safe are 

slimming pills, really?
A health issue: how safe are slimming pills, really?

When it comes to lose weight using external help effective not always means healthy Rather than focusing on looks most dieters are truly concerned about their health. As overweight can lead to severe diseases which risk well-being, losing weight becomes an improvement most are eager to achieve. But, how hard, can anyone work for it?.....

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Miracle or scam? Learn the truth about how slimming pills work
Miracle or scam? Learn the truth about how slimming pills work

Diet and exercise stand at the base of every weight loss process but, can slimming capsules help achieving our goals? For those prone to overweight or coping with complicated agendas, losing weight can be a true odyssey. In these cases, drugs or natural products can be of help but, how to tell which ones are effective? How to make sure they are safe? ....

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Pregnancy and weight loss: are you putting your baby at risk?
Pregnancy and weight loss: are you putting your baby at risk?

Although there are pills approved to take during pregnancy, obstetricians advise not to engage in losing weight while expecting During pregnancy, the body needs to gain some weight in order to provide a healthy environment where the baby can develop. For women already at a healthy weight, an increase of 25 to 35 pounds is advised, whereas gaining 11 to 25 pounds is recommended for those with some overweight. ....

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How to make the use of diet pills safe
How to make the use of diet pills safe

Whereas diet pills can come in handy to help with weight-loss issues, they can also become a hazard Diet capsules, tablets or supplements can be based on one single active ingredient. However, they often contain multiple ingredients in their composition, which makes taking more than one type at a time become something potentially dangerous. ....

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